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Who Are We?

Founded in 1996, Toronto Memory Program is a multidisciplinary, community based, medical facility specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. We have one of the largest clinical trial programs for Alzheimer’s disease in the country. Our program serves the interests of patients and stakeholders locally, nationally and internationally. Our medical director, Dr. Sharon Cohen, is a Canadian-trained neurologist specializing in behaviour and cognition and an internationally recognized expert in this field.


Every individual treated in our clinic receives the best medical care available. This care is delivered by a knowledgeable and compassionate team in a relaxed and supportive setting. Treatment focuses on the well-being of both our patients and their families. We optimize the use of currently available pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions and support patients and families through each stage of the disease.


Toronto Memory Program is Canada's largest and most experienced site for drug treatment trials in Alzheimer's disease and related conditions. Founded in 1996, we have made significant contributions to over 100 drug treatment studies in Alzheimer's disease. Our Medical Director, Dr. Sharon Cohen, a Canadian-trained behavioural neurologist, along with her team of highly trained research staff, have been committed to the development of better treatments for dementia for the past 18 years. Toronto Memory Program participates in international drug treatment studies providing individuals the opportunity to try medications under study for their potential to improve symptoms and slow down disease. All drug treatment studies at Toronto Memory Program are conducted according to national and international regulations and codes of conduct, and are approved by independent research ethic boards. Toronto Memory Program has been successfully inspected by Health Canada.


Toronto Memory Program believes in the importance of education for patients, their family, health care providers, allied health providers, government, and the public. We actively participate in a wide variety of teaching activities including training for medical students and pharmaceutical representatives. We believe that education is an important way to improve medical care and quality of life for those dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.